AG+ SPars


Hello Vianney, can you introduce us AG+ Spars ?


AG+ Spars is a reference for the design and realization of masts and rigging of sailboats up to 40 feet in aluminum and carbon. The investment given to the solo race in Mini 650, to excellence such as the 470 or to the monotype like the J/80 are the mirror of values of performance and reliability that we defend.
The production is exclusively French, distributed in two buildings in Saint-Laurent de la Prée in Charente-Maritime for more than 15 years.

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Team presentation


Our experience is supported by a team of racers from the highest level in Olympism, match-racing and offshore. Engineer by training and leader of AG+ Spars, Jean-François NEVO has the technical answers asked by Birdyfish while I am (Vianney GUILBAUD) commercial and interlocutor on a daily basis.
I’m 31, old 470iste. Above all, I had the immense privilege of launching the first Birdyfish and taking it off and putting it upside down, masthead in the Rochelaise vase !

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What you do for BirdyFish ?


A large part of the start-up activity of AG+ Spars was the supply of masts and rigging for light sailing, dinghies. Our range has developed by offering masts for sailboats up to 40 feet. The range of aluminium profiles allows us to offer reliable and efficient products for many historic classes and new boats.
Birdyfish is equipped with a mast with a D65 profile and a B85 boom. The mast plan has been adapted to their needs and mechanical constraints and modified several times to improve or simplify the fittings.
We are currently preparing a 2 performance version in order to be able to navigate with different sails. We try to do more with this version by modifying at least the current geometry, so there is reflection on the position of the hardware.
The mast links the boat structurally to the sails, the objective is to have a rigging that is safe and reassuring the user but also durable without however proposing oversized profiles that will be too heavy and will make the boat less efficient, less fun and easy to access !

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Why did you choose to work with us ?


Series boats with marconi sails, traditional one-offs, atypical with cat-boat rigging, houari or ketch. And so flying boats, our experience and our adaptability have always allowed us to be consulted for launches and new projects.

It is a pride for us to admire the productions of the year of our customers with whom we share the search for performance, reliability, lightness and for which we try to offer beautiful products.

Foil boats like Birdyfish are new and exciting to discover. It is a learning boat but has a race boat design, with a simple but quality hardware. We are very happy to highlight this type of sailing boats, innovation can also be aesthetic in boating !

Birdyfish brought a solution to discover learning boat flying with a very professional approach. The exchanges are regular with Pierre and Jean-Baptiste and bring true reflections on a mode of navigation that we discover.

Passionate discussions that remind us why we work in boating.