In the world of sailing, one of the most striking trends of recent years has been the foil. They’re everywhere. Many of these boats are sailed single-handed, unlike foil dinghies, which can be crewed.

That’s why foiling dinghy is becoming increasingly popular with sailing enthusiasts.

So why are they becoming so popular ? What makes it so different from the classic dingh y? In this article, we present 4 points that make the foiling dinghy unique.

1- It’s sensational : flight and speed are the order of the day

Thanks to the foils, the dinghy can rise steadily above the water, reducing friction and increasing speed. That’s what makes it so exciting.

Imagine the feeling of skis gliding across the snow, the stability of a tricycle, the speed and the lift-off. Sailing a foiling dinghy means experiencing all these sensations at the same time.

foiling dinhy - sailing dinghy - BirdyFish

2- An experience accessible to all

This experience, which has long been reserved for the elite, is now accessible.

The BirdyFish has been designed to make learning to foil sail easy. How ? with an affordable price, 2 J-shaped foils and a T-shaped rudder to ensure stability in flight, and ease of handling.

Many sailing schools have also integrated the BirdyFish into their fleets. There’s a wide range of courses on offer to help you discover the BirdyFish.

3- Towards greater performance

Putting a foil on a boat has two major benefits, making it fly and/or giving it more RH (righting moment). When these two aspects come together on the same boat, performance is the name of the game.

For example, in 15 knots, VMG upwind is 14 knots at 60° to the wind, and downwind, 16-17 knots at 125-130°.

Performance is also about personal challenge, learning, understanding and repeating. As the crew gains experience, the flights will get longer and longer, manoeuvres on the foils will become the norm, and top speeds will soar.
The speed record, which was 25.1 knots, has just been beaten by our dealer Evo Sailing, who reached 27 knots !

BirdyFish - dériveur à foil - bateau à foil

4- Race a foiling dinghy!

BirdyFish - dériveur à foil - bateau à foil

BirdyFish is a 2-in-1 foiling dinghy.

One boat, two sets of sails. The Fun set for sailing in total freedom, swallowing up the miles with pleasure as the only watchword. Race sails for racing, finding the right trim and balance, and imagining a SailGP-style start, but with 15 BirdyFish.

So this year we’ve set up our first circuit of 4 regattas : the BirdyFish Vaikobi Trophy. Taking part means sharing sporting and friendly moments with other BirdyFish owners.

BirdyFish : the foiling dinghy you need

Adopting a BirdyFish offers many opportunities : access to unique sensations, challenging yourself, enjoying and racing.

It’s as accessible to a child new to sailing as it is to an experienced racer,

Do you want to take the plunge and discover the thrill of taking off in a foiling dinghy ? Find your nearest BirdyFish dealer, or contact us !

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