To get the most out of your BirdyFish, it’s essential to know how to look after it.

So here are our top tips for looking after your dinghy, from cleaning and inspection to storage. It’s a bit like a child you have to look after !

So adopt the right routine to ensure that your BirdyFish keeps you flying for hours without worry !

1. regular cleaning

  • Rinsing with water : After each use, rinse your BirdyFish and foils thoroughly to remove salt, sand and other debris. However, we recommend that you limit the use of water to what is necessary to preserve freshwater resources, especially during the dry summer months. For example, you can fill a bucket with water and put your boots and pulleys in it to rinse them.

  • Visual inspection : Check surfaces for cracks, scratches or signs of deterioration. Minor damage can often be repaired before it becomes a serious problem.

2. foil maintenance

Check the fasteners : Make sure all fasteners are tight (top of foil, tiller spindle, mast step, etc.).

Vibrations and the forces at play can loosen screws over time.

BirdyFish - dériveur a foil - bateau a foil

3. sail maintenance

BirdyFish - dériveur à foil - bateau à foil
  • After each use : Furl the mainsail and fold the jib.


    Long term: Inspect the sails regularly and check for snags.

4. storage

  • Thoroughly dry : Make sure your BirdyFish and foils are completely dry before storing them to avoid corrosion and mould if rinsed in fresh water.


  • Protecting the foils : Use protective covers for the foils to avoid scratches and accidental impacts during transport or storage.


BirdyFish - Dériveurs à Foils - Made in France
  • Indoor storage : If possible, store your BirdyFish indoors, protected from the elements. A garage or shed is ideal.


  • Launching trailer : Make sure all bolts are tight and check the strap.

5. additional advice

  • Avoid collisions : Be careful when manoeuvring near docks, rocks or other boats to avoid collisions that could damage the foils.


  • Contact your dealer : If you have any questions, your BirdyFish dealer is there to answer them. Don’t hesitate to contact him if you need help.

By following these tips, you can extend the life of your BirdyFish, maintain its optimum performance and ensure your safety. Regular, meticulous maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your BirdyFish.

To complete this article, a complete guide to boat preparation is available on our Youtube channel.

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