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A foiling dinghy made in France


The ideal boat for learning to foil. Very few sailing settings mean you get to enjoy only all the thrill and joy of flying! Only the boat’s trim is controlled by the crew.


Whether at sailing school or with friends and family, Birdyfish makes it possible to share good times on the water. Easy to take off! From 10 knots, Birdyfish takes to the air – 100% pleasure guaranteed!


While Birdyfish is ideal for beginner, she also allows you to progress quickly. A range of options are on offer to optimise your performance!


Ready to use innovation for all.

Thanks to a pool of brilliant talents and engineers, Birdyfish has totally reinvented the sailing learning dinghy. No other dinghy in the world can match her handling in rough seas. Simply put she’s the future of leisure dinghies.

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Smiles on board
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16980€ TTC

  • Length 4.7 meters
  • Width 1.9 meters (without foil)
  • Sail area 14m2 upwind 22m2 downwind
  • Fully equipped weight 135kg
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Are you looking for new sensations ? Do you fancy trying a foiler?